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Reminder – Minimum Wage Increase!

Reminder – Minimum Wage Increase!

The minimum wage is going up to $17.70 – an increase of $1.20 per hour from the 1st of April 2019. This adds up to $708 for a 40-hour week. The starting-out and training minimum wage rates will increase from $13.20 to $14.16 per hour – remaining at 80% of the adult minimum wage.

The 1st of April falls on a Monday this year. If your payroll runs from Monday through Sunday, update your employees hourly rates once you have completed WE31.03.19, and it will apply correctly to the week commencing 01.04.2019.

If your pay period starts on any day other than Monday, a portion of your pay week will be at the old rate, and a portion will be on the new rate (depending on when your staff worked). We can easily help you ensure your staff are paid correctly over this transitional period – contact us now!

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