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xero add-ons – we can help you

Xero Add-ons – We Can Help You

Need Xero to do more for your business?

There is an abundance of Xero-compatible applications. We focus on those that have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by real businesses like yours. The result is a suite of add-ons you can use to build a flexible online management system tailored to your business.

If you’re thinking of expanding Xero, we can assist you with all, or part of the process:

  • Help you choose the add-on that will make the most difference to your business
  • Install it for you
  • Optimise your files and ensure the integration is seamless
  • Manage it for you, or give you the necessary training and hand it back

Here are just a few of the Xero add-ons that we can help you with


Retail platform Vend seamlessly integrates point-of-sale, inventory management and reporting functions with Xero accounting. The result is a powerful package for inventory-based retail businesses.


Unleashed is an inventory management system created for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Offering real-time inventory control and reporting, Unleashed helps you calculate products’s true costs and margins.

Xero Projects

Need to track time and costs without the full project management bells and whistles? Xero Projects focuses on the financial side of project management. Ideal for sole traders and smaller businesses.


All-in-one project management. From branded, custom quotes through to time tracking, job management and invoicing, Workflow Max will help give you the edge in productivity.


The perfect payroll solution for businesses employing casual, part-time or remote staff. Employees enter their hours on their phones and FlexiTime calculates pay and holidays. Affordable and easy to manage.

Foodstuffs eXchange

A match made in heaven for Foodstuffs suppliers. Send, receive and manage your supply transactions with Foodstuffs and let Xero handle the invoicing, payments and reporting. Simple, streamlined and effective.

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